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Bottling (1 items)

50 Year Old Brandy -- For Sale $1304.34

50 Year Old Brandy

This unique Brandy 50 years old - the only one ever distilled in New Zealand is a part of the history of our wine industry and at bottling reflects the vision of the Pioneers, who believed in the industries potential - to produce quality comparable to the best in the world.

Packaged in a very classy sophisticated 500ml bottle with cork finish.
Proudly labelled as New Zealand Brandy. 46.0% alc/vol.
Please contact me for me details re availability and volume.

Equipment (3 items)

Barrel Racks -- For Sale $100.00 each

Barrel Racks

RGB 2 barrel racks
Approximately 400

2500L Fermentation wine storage tank -- For Sale $5500.00

2500L Fermentation wine storage tank

Brand new 2500L stainless steel wine fermentation and storage tank. Tank has a glycol cooling pad on the back side, Side access manway, 4" RJ inspection hatch at top, 2" RJT outlet at the bottom and sampling valve below manway.

SS Tanks -- For Sale $10000

SS Tanks

2 x 10,000 lt SS tanks with dimple plates $10,000 + GST/tank.

2 x 5,000 lt SS tanks, one with dimple plates $4,500 + GST, one insulated $5,000 + GST

Winery (2 items)

2 x 4000L Moeschle stainless tanks -- For Sale $15,000+ GST

2 x 4000L Moeschle stainless tanks

2 x Brand New 4000L tanks. Made in Germany from one Germanys top stainless steel producers. These single skin 4000L wine tanks include standard winery fittings, valve caps, sample tap fitting and external volume tube. Manhole and racking arm. Uninsulated and no cooling plate.

Alpha Laval VNPX 310 Centrifuge -- For Sale $10,000

Alpha Laval VNPX 310 Centrifuge

Manufactured in 1977.
This equipment has been used for liquid clarification.
Extras include: Tool board, block and tackle and overhead gantry and original instruction manual.
Annual servicing has been completed by Alfa Laval. Some repair work is required.
Located in Twyford, Hastings.
Sold as is, where is.