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Bottling (2 items)

3013 GAI Monoblock and Venos Labeller -- For Sale $$110,000

3013 GAI Monoblock and Venos Labeller

3013 GAI Monoblock (used)
- 12 head Rinser
- 16 head Filler
- 1 head screw capper
- Cap 30x60 stelvin caps
- Bottles filled - 750ml: Riesling, Bordeaux, Burgundy and Grand Burg bottles
- Rated at 3,000 bottles per hour
- Monoblock size: 2m high, 3m long, 1m width

2. TV Eagle VA 1 Head Capping Machine

3. VENOS (STS) Self-adhesive labelling machine Model S2T3/R (2009 - Bought new from Italy)
- Rated at 2,500 bottles per hour
- 2 label stations
- Size: 2m high, 2m long, 1m width
- 3M automatic case closing tape machine

4. Accessory equipment
- 2 x PAL pre filter housing
- Tape Machine 3M model 7001A
- Change parts (starwheels)
- Singulator Conveyor
- 4 to 1 lane
- Approximately 2000 x 380mm
- Adjustable speed electric motor (Motorvario type NMRV 050)
- Stainless steel chain link conveyor
- Total length of entire line once set up in straight line: approximately 15m (current configuration has 90 degree bend available)

The line is available now, it's operational and currently in storage.

Video of line:

Terms and Conditions
- All equipment is offered “as is where is” & “second-hand”
- No warranties or guarantees are offered
- Lifting, loading, freight are at purchaser’s expense (currently located in Napier New Zealand)

50 Year Old Brandy -- For Sale $1304.34

50 Year Old Brandy

This unique Brandy 50 years old - the only one ever distilled in New Zealand is a part of the history of our wine industry and at bottling reflects the vision of the Pioneers, who believed in the industries potential - to produce quality comparable to the best in the world.

Packaged in a very classy sophisticated 500ml bottle with cork finish.
Proudly labelled as New Zealand Brandy. 46.0% alc/vol.
Please contact me for me details re availability and volume.