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Wine Network welcomes you to Buy and Sell, the only direct channel for products and services relating to international wine producers, marketers and suppliers.

Whether you have surplus equipment to sell to the industry, or you're in the market for buying or selling capsules, cartons, corks, hoses, vineyard posts, wire or anything industry related or contract services, this is the most effective, easy way to link buyers and sellers.

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Equipment (3 items)

Stainless steel tanks x 3 -- For Sale $2750.00

Stainless steel tanks x 3

3 x stainless steel beer tanks
Two have been converted with modern fittings and valves
+/- 1300L
+/- 750L
+/- 825L

Barrel Racks -- For Sale $1500

Barrel Racks

Hardwood barrel racks x 14 + supports (to take additional weight) +some 4x2s (on which the barrels sit)
Does not include barrels
Please phone for more information

Barrel Racks -- For Sale $100.00 each

Barrel Racks

RGB 2 barrel racks
Approximately 400