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Oct 24, 2020

Brand Finance has published its 2020 Alcoholic Drinks report which reveals the world’s most valuable liquor brands.

Corona was named the most valuable beer brand for 2020 with a value of US$8.1 billion.

“The leading Mexican brand is imported into a staggering 120 countries and sales remain solid across its key markets, including China and South Africa,” says Brand Finance in its report.

“The brand has focused on expanding its local production across several countries including China, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, the UK and Belgium, which not only allows the brand to serve its local communities better but tackles its carbon footprint.”

Brand Finance says that with China being Corona’s largest market, outside of Mexico, the unfortunate combination of the coincidence in name and strict nationwide lockdown across the nation at the beginning of the year over Chinese New Year has caused a decline in sales.

But the makers of Corona have hit back, saying that consumers understand that there is no link between the beer and the virus causing the global pandemic.

The top 10 most valuable beer brands are:

Corona – US$8.1bn
Heineken – $6.9bn
Budweiser – $6.4bn
Bud Light – $5.8bn
Victoria – $4.6bn
Kirin – $4.4bn
Snow – $4.1bn
Harbin – $4.1bn
Modelo – $3.7bn
Skol – $2.7bn

In the spirits category, Chinese baijiu brands once again take out the top three. Moutai remains number one, up 29% to a value of US$39.3 billion.

“The spirits market in China is flourishing as disposable income and living standards continue to rise across the nation,” says Brand Finance.

“Consumers are now turning towards top quality and middle to high end premium baijiu brands. In this year’s ranking, Chinese spirits’ brand values increased by 14% on average, while non-Chinese spirits brands decreased by 0.1 per cent on average.

“Moutai continues to dominate as the biggest player in the Chinese baijiu market and has focused on expanding its footprint and presence globally, with international sales reaching a record US$369 million last year.”

The top 10 most valuable spirits brands are:

Moutai – $39.3bn
Wuliangye – 20.9bn
Yanghe – $7.7bn
Luzhou Laojiao – $5.6bn
Jack Daniel’s – $4.1bn
Johnnie Walker – $4bn
Hennessy – $3.6bn
Smirnoff – $3.3bn
Gujing Gong Jiu – $3.3bn
Bacardi – $3.1bn

For Champagne & wine, Moët & Chandon has claimed the title of the most valuable brand in Brand Finance’s inaugural ranking.

“As one of the largest and oldest champagne producers in the world, the Moët & Chandon brand is instantly recognisable as a prestigious luxury item – aided by its association with LVMH – and a staple in popular culture,” says Brand Finance.

“As the leading Champagne brand in the industry, Moët & Chandon has enjoyed an improved financial performance and brand equity score this year, also remaining a firm favourite amongst consumers, scoring highly for customer recommendation and consideration.

“Over the last year, the brand has worked hard at remaining accessible by focusing on charitable endeavours, sponsoring high-profile events, and most recently launching a social media campaign highlighting its sustainable ingredients and heritage.”

The top 10 most valuable Champagne & wine brands are:

Moët & Chandon – $1.4b
Changyu – $1.3b
Chandon – $985m
Veuve Clicquot – $960m
Dom Pérignon – $803m
Lindemans – $534m
Barefoot Wine – $529m
Beringer – $462m
Henkell – $437m
Martini – $373m

No New Zealand liquor brands were named in this year’s lists.

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Source:  Charlotte Cowan. The Shout New Zealand. 19.08.20