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May 31, 2018

Land area planted with wine grapes has dipped in the past five years, but is still more than a decade ago.

Statistics New Zealand data shows about 33,981 hectares of vines were growing last year, a slight decrease from 34,560 in 2012.

New Zealand has over 2000 vineyards. About 29,000ha of vineyards are planted for white wine, and about 8000ha for red wine.

Marlborough, the country's largest wine region, is planning to increase by the size of the Hawke's Bay wine region, and then some, over the next two years. 

Marlborough's 24,000ha of vineyard is expected to be boosted by a further 6800 hectares by 2019/20.

Hawke's Bay, the second largest wine producing region in New Zealand, has a vineyard area of 4744ha. 

New Zealand wine is exported to more than 90 countries, and is New Zealand's fifth largest export good.

Wine exports reached a record high of $1.66 billion last year and the industry is looking to reach $2b by 2020, the NZ winegrowers association says.

The US is the world's largest and most competitive wine market. It became New Zealand's largest export market in 2015, overtaking the UK and Australia.

For the second year in a row, with sales of $579 million, New Zealand has been ranked the third biggest wine importer by value to the US, behind Italy ($2.6 billion) and France ($2.47b).

The difference between New Zealand and Australia in the US market is stark - New Zealand exports 7.7 million cases of wine to the United States compared with Australia's 20.6 million, but the value of the Kiwi wines is greater compared with Australia's $558m.

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