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May 25, 2021

The dilemma for New Zealand producers

The impact of a significantly reduced vintage, combined with low carryover stocks and continued demand for our wines has resulted in:

  • No or very limited Sauvignon Blanc grapes or bulk wine available for sale
  • Increased price per tonne being paid for any Sauvignon Blanc grapes that were not already contracted prior to vintage
  • Earlier payment terms being imposed by growers
  • Increased pressure on the cost of goods and cashflow for wineries and producers

In short, there is simply not enough New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc to satisfy demand.

Potential solution

Or at least a partial solution for those wineries that currently benefit from significant domestic, as well as export, sale.

  • The opportunity exists for those wineries to consider substituting imported wine for some or all of their domestic market sales
  • This strategy is already being employed successfully in New Zealand
  • Wine Network has secured supply of high quality, competitively priced wine that can be used to maintain supply for your domestic sales and protect vital retail and grocery listings
  • This approach would free up your New Zealand supply to maintain critical export markets

Let Wine Network manage the process for you

We offer a complete service to support customers wishing to integrate imported wine into their supply chain.

  • Sourcing wine by country of origin, variety, style and specififcation
  • Obtaining samples for assessment and declarations as to wine specification and process
  • Assistance with import documentation as required
  • Advice on managing WSMP compliance
  • Advice on securing receiving site approval and certification
  • Assistance with shipping and logistics
  • Advice on labelling and marketing

For further information on how Wine Network can provide you with Total Wine Solutions.

Please contact Michael Selak (+64) 021 584 486 or email