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Fill out one of the forms below for the product you would like to list on Wine Network’s website.

As well as providing all the necessary information regarding the product, the form is a virtual guarantee to any prospective purchaser that the product that they are considering to purchase complies with New Zealand’s Code of ‘Winery Record Keeping Practices’ as guide lined by New Zealand Winegrowers.
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The Selak family has been a cornerstone of the New Zealand wine industry since 1934. This experience is now being used with Wine Network.

We focus on providing a clean, clear and professional service that matches bulk wine buyers with sellers.

Wine industry colleagues report the following benefits of dealing with Wine Network –
For buyers and sellers:

  • Simple and clear procedures
  • Full documentation which explains and covers every aspect of the transaction
  • Time and cost savings – you deal with only one company
  • We take care of all aspects of sampling, validating and negotiating, and we can even market internationally, without reference to any brands or seller/buyer identities.

For buyers:
  • Any wines we broker have a statutory declaration of composition that also details the winemaking procedure – a vital guarantee to a buyer. The volumes we purchase enable us to buy at good prices and we pass these savings onto our customers.

For sellers:
  • We set the price together – you have the final say
  • I am paid only on results – I get paid only if and when I sell the wine.
  • Sellers are able to remain anonymous if they wish, although our clients sometimes want transparency on both sides.
  • The Wine Network brokering service is very cost effective, and can instantly improve your cash flow and wine flow. Your business will benefit from the convenience and time savings of getting us to source wine samples for you to taste and evaluate.

I am genuinely here to help and to do the best I can for you and your business. Reap the benefit of the expertise I’ve gained from our Selak family history of three generations of wine making, as well as my formal business qualifications.

At Wine Network we focus on three key areas:
We are winebrokers offering:
  • A service to wineries that have a surplus of product to their requirements
  • A service to wineries that are in need of extra product to meet budget
  • A visual outlet for wineries that have a surplus of bottled wines and can offer them ‘for sale’ in clean skin format
  • A conduit for grape growers who have a surplus of non-contracted grapes or who would like to be introduced to potential buyers

We are wine consultants providing:
  • National and international marketing
  • Product placement
  • Packaging design
  • Product creation
  • Supplier communication
  • Budgets

We are wine merchants:
  • Promoting and selling branded wines
  • Operating business-to-business
  • Operating business to customer direct
  • Importing specialist wine