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Bulk Wines | Muscat

Muscat (1 items)

Code: 5137

2017 Gisborne Muscat

15,000 litres available @ $2.50 / per litre

2017 Gisborne (Ormond) Muscat 100%.
Analysis: TA: 5.9 g/L, pH: 3.35, RS: 5.5 g/L, VA: 0.3 g/L. Alc/Vol: 10.5%.
Grape at Harvest: Brix: 15.2, TA: 6.15 g/L, pH: 3.32.
SWNZ recognised vineyard and winery.
Export Spray Programme and EU Eligibility.  
100% SS Fermentation. Protein Stabilised, Filtered and crossflowed.  
Wine Located in Gisborne.
Available as Finished Wine - protein stable.  

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